Thursday, 5 November 2015

Susie Barron-Stubley - funeral details

The PA and EA community has been rocked this week by the tragic news of the death of Susie Barron Stubley. Susie, owner / MD of Castalia Executive Coaching, is loved by so many of us. She trained, coached, mentored and inspired so many, worldwide. We are all greatly at a loss without her.

I first met Susie when she was blonde - back in 2009-10, when I attended one of her seminars. She offered me some sound advice on something related to my job, and a couple of years later she was one of the judges when I was nominated for PA of the Year, and she gave me some great tips, pointers and feedback. She then offered business advice to me and encouraged me in the early stages of my own PA training work. All of this, she gave willingly and freely, with great cheer, common sense, compassion and a smile. She later 'went red' around 2012, exchanging her then trademark blonde hair to become a vibrant redhead, a colour that seemed to match her temperament so well - bright, bubbly, vivacious, charming, and a bit naughty. She had the most amazing laugh, that made me smile every time I heard it. I remember it now, I can hear it. And always the lipstick, the bright red lipstick...

Details for Susie's funeral have been announced, with requests that we share them out, in the hope that all her friends get a chance to see them, and thus have the opportunity to attend. Please feel free to like / share / forward this post - and I'll see you at the funeral, if you're able to make it.

Get your bright red lipstick out for the occasion. Let's see this beautiful, wonderful woman off with a smile to match hers.

A tribute page has been opened by Susie's family - if you wish to, you can use the space to leave a message, a thought, post an image, or make a donation to the MIND charity. The page is at

Angela xx

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