Monday, 26 October 2015

Explaining who and what I am....

It's quite complicated, being a PA. One of the biggest obstacles in the job is that some of the people you come into contact with have  no idea what a PA is and subsequently no idea what you do all day. I spent a lot of time during my 24 years in administrative roles (of which 18 were in PA roles), explaining what I did, where my role fit within an organisation, how I worked with the boss and in what way my skills could be best utilised...

I'm still defining myself now - even though I left my official Personal Assistant role in February 2014 - over a year and a half ago! Why?

Because, even though I'm no longer someone else's PA, I'm now MY OWN PA. I carry out all of the PA tasks, responsibilities and duties that I used to carry out for other people - except now I am doing them for myself. Technically, I'm the CEO of my little training company - but as I'm the only member of staff I'm also my own PA.

Plus, in addition to delivering training, mentoring and coaching worldwide for PAs, EAs, VAs, Secretaries and Administrative Staff - and editing NAHPA magazine - and writing books - and editing and publishing other people's books - I'm also a Virtual Assistant, doing administrative work for three CEOs from my home.

I found myself this evening explaining all this on the phone to a lovely chap from Eventopedia, as his team had thought I was no longer a PA / EA / VA and therefore not eligible to be a member of their weekly Top 250 PA board - they'd removed me from the Board last week and I queried it with them.

During our conversation I noted that they took their information mostly from Twitter - and pointed out that, for me, the Twitter headline doesn't allow enough space to list all my roles and responsibilities, because I'm still a multi-tasker! I explained the work that I'm currently doing - for whom - for what - for when - for how - and I've now rejigged my Twitter headline to squeeze in "Virtual Assistant", which means I should be back on the Eventopedia Top 250 PA Social Media list when it's published at the end of this week.

(Headline box outlined in pink: not enough space for everything I do!)

The list is at - and I recommend it to PAs / EAs / VAs to find mentors for their development - seek out someone in a similar industry to your own and follow them on Twitter / LinkedIn / etc - and contact them to ask if they would consider working with you on a one-to-one basis by phone or Skype or in person every now and again to help you out with your CPD.

It's a great list of fabulous people in wonderful roles. USE IT!

Angela Garry
The world's most connected Personal Assistant, Virtual Assistant, and PA Trainer / Mentor / Coach.

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