Wednesday, 9 December 2015

PA = "Publishing Amazonian""????

One of the things I spend my time on now, since leaving my full-time job nearly 2 years ago to run my own business, is write.

You'll probably have seen the cover images of my two books for the PA and EA community: "Brave PAs" and "The PA & EA Circus", plus my three therapeutic fiction books for children and young adults: "Missing Mark", "Darcy Decides" and "Tasha's Torment" - all five were published during 2015.

What you may not know is that I also work with other people to help get their books published.

October saw the launch of "Dating Dilemmas" written by 'Ditzy Daisy' and edited by Angela Garry.
Daisy is the pseudonym for a good friend of mine who spent several years on the online dating secret. She recently shared her tales with me - some horrific, some hilarious, others downright strange - and we worked together on publishing them as a book, the ultimate guide to meeting entirely the wrong man through online dating...
98 pgs. 5" x 8".
"Dating Dilemmas" is available via Amazon worldwide - a link to the page is here.

Today (9 December 2015) saw TWO more books that I've edited and worked on, going online at Amazon:

"A to Z Pearls of Wisdom for Executive PAs" - written by Lindsay Taylor and edited by Angela Garry.
154 pgs, 5.06" x 7.81".

Lindsay is holding a special launch event for the book in January - contact her for details

Available worldwide via Amazon - link is here.


"Chilli the Chimp" was written by Nigel Measures, illustrated by Andy Case, produced and edited by Angela Garry under the "PICA BOOKS" brand.
28 pgs, 8.5" x 8.5".
This is volume 1 in the 'Paws for Tails' animal-themed series for little children, to be followed soon by volume 2: "Freckle the Fox".
Available worldwide via Amazon - link is here.

I'm working on several other books at the moment - including several of my own writing, and two from other authors. If you have a book hidden within you, and you'd like some assistance with planning, writing, and producing it - please get in touch! I'd love to work with you!

In particular, under my own PICA BOOKS branding (, I'm looking to work with writers on the following four areas:
  • fictional books for small children for fun and learning, 
  • therapeutic fiction books for children and young adults.
  • CPD & learning books for adults, and
  • therapeutic / firsthand experiences books for adults.
Within this, there would be no fee for my involvement and for getting your book published - instead, we'd each receive a proportion of the royalties for the book.

However, if you wish to publish under your own branding, I'm happy to do this and can work with you for a flat fee instead.

Please contact me to discuss -

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