Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Wise up. GO TO BED.

I took some time off during November to catch up on some ill health that need looking after. This is a vital thing for all of us to do for ourselves.

Far too many of us struggle into work when we are sick, making ourselves feel worse (and often causing our illnesses to last longer as we are not giving ourselves adequate time to recover from them) - and most often, passing our germs on to everyone else.

Hands up if you are one of the "oh, but I'm so indispensable in what I do, I simply *have* to go in to work" brigade?

Now look at that from your boss's point of view: yes, your boss might need you to be there - but do you really offer a positive view of the organisation to your boss's visitors, sitting at your desk sneezing / coughing / spluttering / looking hideously ill?

If you are ill - GO HOME. GO TO BED. GET BETTER. Then return to work when you are ready.

I have worked for two previous bosses who had strokes - one of them actually IN the office. I myself had struggled in to the office on many occasions whilst suffering from severe chest infections (on two occasions I had managed to cough so hard that I had cracked a rib, and yet I STILL made my way into the office, to sit there coughing in agony).

Wise up to yourself. Look after yourself.  If you don't, it's unlikely that anyone will do it for you.

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