Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A particularly busy week ahead....

I got home on Sunday afternoon from a few days' break in Paris with a friend - which was lovely. Now I'm back to the grindstone....

Projects this week include:
  • finalising a book on online dating that I'm editing - written by a friend, under a psuedonym;
  • working on putting together an A-Z book for a fellow trainer;
  • working on putting together a children's book for a former colleague; 
  • working on my presentation for the Office* show in mid-October;
  • pulling together more articles for this term's issue of NAHPA magazine for PAs in education;
  • plus more writing of my own books (I have four in different stages of development at the moment), and marketing for my training courses.

Fortunately, with my bad back, I can manage to work on all of these from my bed via laptop and iPad and the internet. I love technology that enables me to continue doing stuff even when I can't sit up at a desk.......   :-)

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