Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Calling all PAs and EAs - Come and see me speak at Office* 2015

Come see me speak at office* 2015...

"A beginner’s guide to Integrating the many parts of the PA"
10.45-11.45 | Wednesday 14 October 2015 | London, Olympia

Welcome to the circus that is the world of the PA! Multi-tasking, working to multiple managers, dealing with multiple demands on our time, keeping multiple plates spinning – we almost need to have multiple personalities to match!

Being a PA or administrative assistant is no easy task. You need to be able to wear the many hats of a wide range of roles and your manager will quite often expect things of you that you are unfamiliar with. They may presume that you already know what to do without being told, and they will probably expect that you automatically know their preferences and be able to organise logistics successfully on their behalf. You also need to be able to drop everything at a moment’s notice, adapt to new situations, manage your Executive’s working life (and, for some, aspects of their personal life too!), and remain calm and unflustered throughout. How can you build the skills to lead the circus successfully alongside your manager?

This session examines the skills that you will need to lead the circus successfully alongside your manager, looking at some of the various “hats” that PAs wear – together with routes to multiple resources which will help you to develop each aspect and bring them together into a cohesive whole, including:

  • Links to discussion groups and networks
  • Sources of free articles and papers
  • Details of a number of books and online resources.

 So - put on your lion-tamer outfit and let's join the fray!

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