Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The importance of CPD - and some CPD items for you to use

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CPD. Continuous Professional Development. We should be doing it - every day. And it's not just the odd training course here or there or attending a conference. EVERY DAY you should be taking in new information and learning from it. Put aside 5 to 10 minutes in your lunch break to browse a PA-related website or magazine, read a chapter from a PA book, download an item and work through it, listen to a podcast or a language cd on the way to and from work rather than the radio. DO SOMETHING actively about bettering yourself.

In this day and age, when 100 people can be applying for the same PA role as you, IT IS NO LONGER GOOD ENOUGH TO BE GOOD ENOUGH AT OUR JOBS. WE MUST BE EXCEPTIONAL.

Below I have details of four free CPD items for you to download plus two to buy, plus details of my training courses for autumn 2015 in the UK & Ireland - and I urge you all to work on your CPD!  I'll post more items in the coming weeks....


* Is your business suffering from "Invisible Employee Syndrome"? Download this report to learn about Invisible Employee Syndrome including the symptoms, causes and effects that it could be having on your business. Also discover how modern HR systems, in combination with senior leadership commitment, workforce insights and process integration, can help to stem the rising tide of this modern workforce ailment.

* “Social Networking with a purpose” Tips for Building a Social Referral Machine. Referral recruiting is based on the principle that high achievers know other high achievers. When your employees' trusted contacts share your openings with their trusted contacts your organization's recruiting reach grows exponentially – which means you can wait for the right talent to come to you.

* "A Modern Approach to HR For Dummies" – an executive brief offering: (a) The top three reasons for HR transformation; (b) How thinking like a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) can help HR align to the business and win top talent, and (c) The role of key technologies in modern HR and how to choose the right partner for your HR strategy.

* "How Well Do You Know Your Workforce?" Think you know your workforce inside and out? Find out if you do! Many young and fast growing companies are recruiting and expanding fast. While these are exciting trends, new challenges quickly emerge regarding their people. Now that the company is bigger, across different offices, regions and countries, things get more complicated. When HR is asked questions regarding the workforce, answers take longer to find, and often there is no consistent view because information is spread out in different places.

(As per previous posts, the hosting site for these 4 items requires you to log-in, either via a free registration or via your LinkedIn account - they will then email you with a clickable link to the download page / webinar page for your item.)

“Brave PAs” by Angela Garry - for PAs, EAs, Secretaries and Admins working in Education - has been named by Executive PA magazine as “the new PA bible”. Available via and Details at

And ANNOUNCING MY NEW BOOK: “The PA & EA Circus” – available NOW via and Details at

Angela Garry and Pica Aurum are proud to announce the Autumn programme: five dates, five venues, two courses. Bookings are open. Details at

Course 1. "Two Days for PAs" - Two workshops, "Be a Multi-Tasking Miracle Maker" and "Project Management for PAs / EAs"

CLARION HOTEL, LIMERICK - Thursday 5 & Friday 6 November 2015 -

JURY’S INN, EDINBURGH - Thursday 3 & Friday 4 December 2015 -


Course 2. "Two 'How To' Days for Tomorrow's PA" - Eight essential topics to ensure you are ready for tomorrow's challenges: presentations, overflowing inboxes, purple folder, appraisals, social media, managing change, minute-taking, networking.

BEST WESTERN SKYLON HOTEL, DUBLIN - Tuesday 20 & Wednesday 21 October 2015 -

NOTTINGHAM BELFRY – Monday 9 & Tuesday 10 November 2015 -

CORUS HYDE PARK HOTEL, LONDON - Tuesday 24 & Wednesday 25 November 2015 -


Angela Garry

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