Thursday, 17 September 2015

Pulling together articles for the next issue of NAHPA magazine

I *love* working with PAs. I have to get that out there. We're a fabulous bunch, we really are...

Ask a PA to write an article for a magazine, give them a specific wordcount and a deadline, and GUESS WHAT? They get it done ON TIME, usually EARLY. And it's usually really well written and needs minimal editing. Plus they'll often write more than you ask for, so there's no need for me to stretch an article out by adding to it, there's usually plenty enough in what they write to fill an extra page or half page. There's absolutely minimal chasing to be done on my part to get the pieces from them, as they are all well planned and well timetabled, and when I ask them to submit a photo or two alongside their article, THEY DO IT, there's no need to remind them (which you invariably have to do with almost EVERYBODY else you come into contact with as a PA). I love it! It makes my job as Editor of the magazine so much easier!

I received two articles for the magazine today - one from PA Trainer and Neuroscience expert Sue France, and the other from Scottish PA of the Year 2015 Liza Young. Both are really interesting pieces of writing, which I hope will inspire the magazine's readership in different ways. If you'd like to read what they have written, GET SUBSCRIBING NOW! This issue will go to press in mid-October for distribution around half-term.

(For those not in the know, I am the owner and editor of NAHPA, which is the UK and Ireland's National Association of Headteachers' PAs magazine - it's the leading publication for PAs working in education. The magazine has three issues per year - one per term, distributed in March, June and November - giving over 90 pages of valuable CPD, motivational and inspirational articles for just £35 per year. That's less than £1 per week throughout the academic year, or about 40p per page. Articles are sourced from world-class trainers and from PAs working within Education. Details and how to subscribe are at )

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